2019 Real Estate Sales Statistics

We think every home owner is somewhat curious about how the local market is performing whether it be a downward trend or upward. Here is a summary of the 2019 Renfrew County Real Estate statistics. Let's start with volume of sales. Laurentian Valley saw the largest...

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Real Estate Picture Quality

  When advertising your home for sale, does the quantity and quality of pictures really matter? We believe it matters very much. While Buyer's are sifting through the many listings on-line, you only have a few seconds to keep them engaged. If the Buyer comes...

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Home Inspections

Can a home inspector pass or fail a house? The answer in no! When an Agreement of Purchase and Sale is written with a condition for inspection. It means that the Buyer has the opportunity to hire a qualified and insured home inspector, and obtain a report from the...

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Shoreline Road Allowance

This is a common topic that many people are unaware of. What does Shoreline Road Allowance mean? In Ontario, along rivers and lakes, there is a 66 foot road allowance running along the edge of the waterways. It is owned by the local municipality and in many cases can...

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