Preparing Your House for a Showing

How important is it to have your house clean and looking its best for showings? This can be one of the most difficult things to maintain while your house is for sale. Always being ready at a moments notice to leave the house for a showing and everything looking its best. Although it’s a pain, it is crucial that the house look as good as it did when the pictures where taken. Some tips to keep the house in tip top shape is to maintain organization in the home. It is not easy to tell the kids that they need to pick up after themselves all the time and keep everything extra tidy. Remind them that its only for a brief time, while the house is listed. If everybody works together to have the house in great shape, it will make the process that much easier in the long run. The end result is getting to move to a new place that will more than likely have more advantages than what your family is currently experiencing.

We have seen in the past, where certain homes will have extremely strong air freshener added, this can cause more harm than good for a few reasons. First, the buyers coming through the house could be sensitive to strong smells. That can make them turn around and not even finish the tour of the house, therefore you don’t even have a chance to impress them with the features of the home. The second issue that can be brought up is they ask themselves, “what are they hiding”. Buyers are looking at all elements in the house, and on high alert for problem areas. When it seems as though a problem is being covered up for example with air freshener, it is very difficult to satisfy a buyer that nothing is being covered up, once they have asked themselves that question.

Outside the home is also important to keep clean and tidy. Be aware of garbage laying around or visible, recycling containers should be neatly stored away, and kids toys should also be placed neatly off to the side or away in their designated spot. In the summer months grass should be kept cut, and in the winter, snow should be always kept clear in both the driveway and any path ways on the property. All this outside maintenance tells the buyer how much or little the home is currently cared for. You often hear the term “curb appeal is important”, and it is because that’s the first impression of the home. First impressions set the stage for the duration of the tour within the home.

For more tips and advise on what you can do to have your home ready to show, call our office at 613-628-1900 or drop in and see us at 131-1 Queen Street Eganville Ontario. We serve the Ottawa Valley for all your buying and selling real estate needs.

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