Shoreline Road Allowance

This is a common topic that many people are unaware of. What does Shoreline Road Allowance mean? In Ontario, along rivers and lakes, there is a 66 foot road allowance running along the edge of the waterways. It is owned by the local municipality and in many cases can be purchased by the land owner who ownes the land connecting to that section of road allowance. All land owners who own these waterfront properties have their own opinion on whether it is worth while buying that 66 foot piece of property or not. It is public property so the land owner is free to enjoy using it, and use it to access the water in front of it. The negative side to not owning the road allowance is that anybody else can pull up in their boat in front of your property and enjoy the road allowance as well. After all it is public property. So, this is an important piece of information to know before buying a property on the water. Is the road allowance owned by the seller, and is it included with the subject property or, is it owned by the municipality? We specialize in Renfrew County Waterfront properties, our Realtors have a strong understanding of our many lakes and rivers in the area, and we are happy to advise on the purchase or sale of your waterfront property. Signature Team Realty Ltd. Brokerage 613-628-1900 – 131-1 Queen Street, Eganville, ON K0J1T0


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