Dan Vodenicar, the absolute very best thing we ever did was to move to a Broker – you know what you are doing,things have run smoothly and quickly. It was so important for us to find someone with whom we could trust and my husband and I found you to be a surprise and delight to work with! I never would have believed our home would have sold as fast as it did and in the timeframe that it did. We are both exceptionally taken back with your professionalism, integrity, forthrightness, and your willingness to go the extra mile and then some in order to please your client. You never told us what we would not like, never said no to any trip, no matter the distance you had to travel and that makes you an exceptional realtor in our eyes. You sold our home in such a small amount of time and in the winter! Then, when we were looking for a new home you allowed us to make our decision without trying to sway us against what we wanted. We found you to be a man of your word; and to a world that is in dire need of people who exercise character traits… such as integrity, sensitivity, intuitiveness beyond what one would expect, you are exceptionally gifted in other areas that would make you an asset to any company you worked for. It has been a privilege working with you Dan.

Once again, thank you for selling our home in such a short time, and helping us with the purchase of a new home. You made a stressful time a wonderful experience! We will definitely spread the word about you. Keep in touch!

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